Cash Payment Fee Schedule

ServiceCash Price
Office VisitsNew Patient Clinic Visit$125.00
Follow-up Patient Clinic Visit$75.00
Follow-up Patient Clinic Visit Complex >30 Minutes & CDLs$100.00
New Patient Preventive Visit $125.00
Well-Woman Exam with Pap Smear (Doesn't include Lab Fee)$125.00
Established Patient Preventive Visit/Well Child$75.00
ProceduresLaceration Repair Simple (<7.5 cm or Dermabond)$125.00
Laceration Repair Complex (Multiple layers or > 7.5 cm)$165.00
Suture Removal/Wound Check (Sutures Placed Elsewhere)$75.00
Skin Lesion Destruction (Warts, Skin Tags) 1-5 (Global)$100.00
Skin Lesion Destruction (Warts, Skin Tags) >5 (Global)$150.00
Abscess I&D/Lesion Excision/Biopsy (Doesn't include Lab Fee)$100.00
Knee/Shoulder/Bursa Aspiration/Injection$100.00
Earwax Cleaning/Removal$25.00
Toenail Removal$125.00
TestsECG 12-Lead$40.00
Rapid Monospot Test$25.00
Rapid Strep Test$25.00
Rapid RSV Test$30.00
Rapid Influenza A+B Test$30.00
Rapid SARS Covid-19, Influenza A+B Test$50.00
Urine Pregnancy$15.00
Hemoglobin A1c$25.00
Blood Glucose$15.00
Hemoglobin Level$15.00
Blood Draw for LabCorp Send-out Tests$10.00
H. Pylori Test$20.00
Fecal Occult Blood Test$20.00
X-ray up to 3 views per one body part$50.00
TB Skin Test (Placement & Interpretation)$30.00
MedicationsVitamin B12 1000 mcg$15.00
Toradol 30 mg$15.00
Ceftriaxone 1000 mg$20.00
Benadryl 50 mg $20.00
Kenalog 40 mg$20.00
Decadron 10 mg$50.00
Medroxy Progesterone 150 mg, Depo-Estradiol 5 mg$75.00
Zofran 4 mg, Promethazine 25 mg$15.00
Albuterol/Duoneb Inhaled Nebulizer$40.00
1 L of NS/LR IV Fluids (each bag)$50.00